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‘Compare Hotels’ is the quick and easy way to find the best value for money room rates for hotels in the UK, Europe and beyond in all the most popular holiday and city break destinations with competitors room rates listed side by side for easy comparison.

Fancy a cheap short break in the UK?
Compare thousands of establishments in all the most popular destinations including London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Windsor, Oxford, Cotswolds and the Lake District to find your perfect deal.

Europe and the Mediterranean
Heading off to Europe for a city break or perhaps the Med for a lazy beach break? Compare a wide range of value for money hotels and apartments available in the best city, beach and countryside locations.

Long Haul Destinations
Looking for your perfect hotel in a long haul destination for that special occasion? Whether you heading off to Canada, China, Dominican Republic, India, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates or the USA your ideal accommodation is just a few clicks away.